When it comes to labeling all the items your children need for school, we have you covered! As Mom's ourselves we design all of our Label Packs based on what our children have needed during the different ages and stages of their lives.  For school labeling we currently offer two different School Label Packs.

First, we have our School Label Pack filled with 138 labels in a wider variety of sizes and shapes. This pack includes all the necessary sizes you'll need for the various school supplies that will need to be labeled.  It also contains two Contact Labels, which we love to use inside lunch boxes, back packs, and gym bags. The Contact Label has room for your child's name and up to 4 additional lines of text for all your contact information.

Second, is our School Essentials Label Pack with 64 name labels total. It contains our three smaller label sizes, plus one large rectangle for labeling a larger item. This pack is geared toward older students who typically do not need to label as many items. The labels included are perfect for labeling pens, pencils, folders, notebooks, ear buds, water bottles, etc..

If you have more than one child in school, you can split any of our labels with multiple names. So, it may be more cost efficient to get the 138 label pack and split it. You can also specify a color for each name, so when selecting one of our designs that offers color choices like our solid, chevron, dots, etc., you can specify blue for one child and green for a second.

When customizing any of our label packs you can also add matching clothing labels. Our Stick-On Clothing Labels, also known as our Peel 'n Stix Clothing Labels are a dream for any busy parent. Simply apply them to a garment care tag or tagless imprint inside jackets, gloves, scarfs, uniforms, etc. and they stay wash after wash until you remove them.

For younger children that may take their shoes off for nap time or are still learning their left from right, don't forget to add a sheet of Shoe Name Labels. That little visual que every time they put on their shoes really works great! We offer several styles to fit your little ones exact needs.

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